For more than two decades, Tim Grover has been the ultimate resource for the world’s greatest athletes. Legendary for his revolutionary approach to developing strength, explosiveness, agility, speed, longevity, and above all, elite performance, Tim’s success can be defined in one word: RESULTS.

With a global staff of experts in cutting-edge physical therapy, sports medicine, nutrition, massage therapy, and vast resources in all areas of elite performance, Tim’s world-renowned work in injury rehabilitation focuses on aggressive and effective treatment designed to return athletes to the game, physically and mentally ready to play. “When we bring you back, you won’t be as good as you were,” Tim tells his clients, “you’ll be better than ever.”


  • OCTOBER 10, 1989

    Michael Jordan was my first pro client, in 1989. He gave me 30 days, and it turned into 15 years. The G.O.A.T. No discussion.

  • OCTOBER 10, 1990

    Scottie Pippen could do it all. A charter member of the invite-only Breakfast Club, his relentless work off the court contributed to his greatness on the court.

  • OCTOBER 10, 1992

    Charles Barkley hated every minute of training, but knew it wasn’t an option and loved the end result. A great player and an even greater person.

  • OCTOBER 10, 1994

    They called him Hakeem ‘The Dream’ Olajuwon, but to other teams he was the Nigerian Nightmare. His footwork let him dance in his workouts the same way he danced on his opponents.

  • OCTOBER 10, 2005

    From pre-draft to Olympic gold medals to NBA Championships, Dwyane Wade used his setbacks to propel him to greatness.

  • OCTOBER 10, 2007

    Kobe Bryant was about action, not words. I knew what he expected of me and he knew what I expected of him. All about the results.

  • OCTOBER 10, 2009

    Worked with Tracy McGrady after his microfracture surgery, Few knew the extent of his injury and the work required to come back. Most would have quit. Now he’s a Hall-of-Famer.

  • OCTOBER 10, 2016

    Like all great leaders, Jason Heyward understood it’s not about what you do in the pre-season, it’s about the work you do ALL season.

  • OCTOBER 10, 2017

    The first step to change is a commitment to change, both physically and mentally. Justin Upton adapted to the ATTACK method of training and got the results he was seeking.