Time to stop listening to the same old BS that keeps people stuck in one place and start thinking for yourself.




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  • The BS THat holds you back

    Most of us get a lot of bad advice, even when we don’t ask for it. When you’re not getting ahead, it’s usually because something is holding you back… and that something is usually YOU. Time to stop listening to the same old BS that keeps people stuck in one place and start thinking for yourself.

get started today And learn the relentless
power of mental domination

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get started today And learn the relentless
power of mental domination

"No matter how good your skills are, they’re worthless without the mental toughness to put them into action. For more than 25 years, my whole career has been about others trusting me with their success in my hands. If I did it for them, I can do it for you." - Tim Grover

frequently asked questions

I don't get what this is. Explain.

The Relentless System is a video library with 50+ new videos of me talking to you like I talk to my pros. I’m teaching you how to develop a relentless mindset and mental toughness. How to demand more of yourself and GET IT. How to stop waiting and start WINNING.

The program is interactive, so I can ask you questions, and you can click to respond…and your answer determines where we go next. So you’re in control of what you learn.

There are also quizzes and a report card, and an email at the end of every course so I can send you a message about the lesson, and we can stay connected on your progress.

Is there a workout program?

This is a workout for your mind, not your body. You can’t succeed at anything until your mind is ready to take you there. So you might sweat a little when we’re examining your dark side, but otherwise this is about strengthening you from the neck up, not the neck down.

How is this different from your book RELENTLESS?

This is very different from the book. RELENTLESS is the foundation, this is the next level. You’ll still find Cleaners and The Relentless 13 (in much greater detail)…but there’s so much more. If RELENTLESS worked for you, this will really blow your mind. We’re going deeper and darker to find out who you really are, and what it will take for you to break free and break records.

What’s in this program that we haven’t seen before?

Dozens of new courses that are NOT in the book. Here are some of the new topics we’re attacking:

The BS That Holds You Back
There is No Balance
Getting Rid of the Guilt
The Biggest Asshole You’ll Ever Meet
The Secrets of Cutthroat Competitors
Finish the Fight
The Mask
Harnessing the Power of the Dark Side
The Greatness of Standing Alone
Your Greatest Battle
And much more

Can I pay monthly or on a payment plan?

We’re not offering a payment plan at this time. This may change in the future, but right it is not available.

Is this just for athletes?

The Relentless System is for ANYONE, whether you’re striving to be the best in sports, or business, or any aspect of life, if you’re just starting the climb or you’re already up there and going higher. You probably won’t play basketball like Michael Jordan, but I can teach you to attack your goals with the same intensity and commitment.

After I take one course, how long do I have to wait to access the next course?

You never have to wait. I’m giving you the entire program at once, so you can move around at your convenience, learn what you want to learn, 24/7/365. I’m there all the time, just as I am for my clients. Just sign in and join me.

Will you be adding new material after you launch?

This is a complete program, I’m giving you everything right away. It’s designed for you to watch and review and improve. Decide, commit, act, succeed, REPEAT.

What if I didn’t read RELENTLESS?

You can do this program without reading the book, but I hope you’ll read it anyway!

Once I purchase this, how long do I get to keep it?

This is an annual fee; you’ll have the opportunity to renew your subscription after one year.

Honestly, why should I buy this?

Why? Because every minute you spend waiting for an opportunity, someone else is grabbing it. Every time you say “I’ll do whatever it takes,” another day goes by that you didn’t do what you promised yourself.

For all of you who can’t work with me face-to-face, for all of you who want to hear what I say to the greats and how they rise up to the challenge, this is for you.

Invest in yourself. Believe in yourself. Not because I tell you to, but because YOU KNOW THERE IS GREATNESS IN YOU. Time to demand more and get more. Join me.

I have a different question, who should I ask?

You can email [email protected], and I’ll personally respond to you.

how does virtual training work?


Repeat and review key courses and exercises as you advance through the training to ensure comprehension.


Access The Relentless System anytime on any web-enabled desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

quiz yourself

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The Reality Check quizzes will make sure you are.

Virtual Interactivity

Tim asks, you can click your answer...
and your response determines the rest of your lesson.


The web-based interactive training and communication platform is designed to allow a fully immersive training experience and state-of-the-art accountability features.


State-of-the-art, integrated features track, measure and monitor progress with comprehensive reports and alert notifications directly to email or SMS in real-time.

get started today And learn the relentless
power of mental domination