How the Greats Attack Longevity: SI Column

My first column in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED appears now on How the Greats Attack Longevity. All about how champions like MJ and Jeter and others attacked their game with the same relentless intensity and focus at 40 as they did at 18. Never satisfied. They don’t want the retirement ceremonies and long farewells…they just want to play.

“The greats find ways to beat you. Even as their physical dominance begins to wane, their mental weaponry becomes sharper. The battle shifts from the neck down to the neck up. Their skills are so superior that they can “lose” their athletic edge and still find ways to dominate, by the sheer force of the killer competitive drive that made them great in the first place.”

Or as my friend Charles Barkley said near the end of his career: “What I might be losing, you never had.”

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read it:

Stay Relentless,

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